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Monday, February 05, 2007

im back

sorry ive been gone from the sight and from the world, i escaped into the deep, darkness of my mind while cleansing the toxins away from my body, it was the most intense cleanse and experience, but now im eating again and work is picking up. As i have been mentally saying fuck you to men, i was hit on very persistantly by a woman the other night, she has called me a few times, i think shes confused for im not bi. i thought she just wanted to be friends. However if i did switch sides lydia would be my first choice. She was probably too young for u lyd! I was wearing my phermone oil i got from the sex toy party, maybe thats what did it. Anyways, I guess thats all for now. Rowen is bad as usual, and it has been very cold so he likes to sleep on top of me. its funny. Anyways, heres some fun pics. i miss riding the pow pow with u guys, its just not the same at Phorn.


At 9:26 AM, Blogger Madge or Lydia said...

You are soooo cute. I love that you were hit on and I BETTER be first in line!! I don't think it was the odor you were emitting, I think it's that you've been taking good care of yourself and you are seeing and knowing how beautiful you are. these boys you've been playing with were bringing you with real people!
I love you and Rowan too.

At 1:20 PM, Blogger tinkerbell said...

But Rowan is bad. and i agree with starbuck, those boys bring you down. new job, new year, new snow, same dog but new badness..... thanks for the pics. you rock out!!


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