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Monday, February 04, 2008

BIG news!!!

No, I'm not getting married! (that's what my mom asked when I told her the big news)No, the big news is that this Vagalicious member is now an ER RN! THIS is why I became a nurse. I'm so excited I could poop myself and have one of you clean me up! I got the official offer on Friday and celebrated by skiing an all weekend fatty fat dump on Berthoud pass with Nate, Madge and Johnny.
I have 5 more shifts here on the ortho hell-hole then I'm taking a week off and start my new, PERMANENT job on the 25th.

I really can't believe how amazing the last 9 months have been...this move back home has been the most amazing change for me.
Madge and I are also officially looking for a home's a wonderful, thrilling, sometimes scary process but we both have the same goals and desires and want to do this together. She's so supportive, incredible, loving. oh...and sexy as shit!!


At 8:59 PM, Blogger beautifulprincess said...

yeah, you got the ER job!!! how exciting. I am a banker now. All my dreams come true. haha just wish i could figure out how to steal millions. jk.
I wish i was there to play in the snow with you. We went snowboarding on sunday, spent way too much money for tickets at phorn, and it was windy city, coldy cold, and snowing. Yet all the snow was wind blown and it was butt ass cold. I almost had a panic attack adn wanted to jump off the lift that was taking 30 minutes to get the top. And then i went to the baby park and hit the box and fell on my left butt cheek way to hard. It was a bad snowboarding day. I wish we could go together soon.

At 7:36 PM, Blogger tinkerbell said...

I just had a detoxing mo fo of a patient try to kill me and call me a cunt---you can have 'em Lid--- hahahhaha... just kidding(kinda of) im so happy for you but i will not wipe you ass you slut.

princy---funny story of your snowboarding day. I hate those days when it feels like you have boarded once in your life. parks are scary!!!!!

At 3:10 PM, Blogger JEM said...

wooohooo...that is great that you got the ER are going to be awesome at it!!! look out for those drunk crazies though...whatever you will kick thier ass into shape.
Its the truth...denver has been an amazing move for you (l love it) it is so great to hear you so happy and moving in a great direction and moving in with the sexy lady!!!!

On the bad riding note, i feel like i need a few days at the resort, i have been skiing so much powder now that it is variable conditions i feel like a 5 year old in my powerwedge trying to get down the mountain, but it is fun none the less, as long as my knees hand in there.

At 8:41 PM, Blogger Madge or Lydia said...

holy god wild lily I have the SAME thought..kind of regretting not getting one of the passes this year as storm after storm rolls in and I fall down the mountain. Nate and I were actually discussing Paul and Becky's AT switch and I was like, yeah, that sounds waaaay fun sometimes.


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