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Thursday, March 20, 2008

18 weeks left

Sorry I didnt turn Bug but isnt he cute trying to

soak up any sunshine he can, dreaming of his brother Rowen??? Here is my new violin. I can now play amazing grace and twinkle twinkle in 5 different ways. and no, starbucky, I dont play with it in my crotch. These next 2 pics are my escape from a killer dog on the loose on my communte home from work. He jumped on me while i was riding from work and bit through 3 layers of clothes. I screamed bloody murder then through a limp stick at him(ohhh oregon!!) went home and called the dog police who did nothing(yet!!). glad i didnt have a batch of cookies on me, I might have been murdered just like little bun bun marvin.
Mac and I are off to Vegas now for a rock climbing adventure,looking forward to only 18weeks of forced labor, learning and rain.
love you all.


At 7:56 AM, Blogger Madge or Lydia said...

I can't believe that!! I'm glad you're ok although I giggle at you screaming bloody murder and throwing a limp stick...kind of like your attempts to save me from the snake with a stick!

Enjoy the sun and desert and climbing...holy God, you'll come back and only have 17 weeks!!!

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Aunge said...

Hmmm... defense with a limp stick, sounds like a dirty little trick. But glad you fought off those evil forces hindering the bike commuting. Just finished Harry Potter's 6th book this morning- so I will try to find the proper spell for you later.

Enjoy Vegas baby!! And gamble a little jsut cuz you can before you hit the desert world!


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