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Sunday, February 24, 2008


Our beautiful friend Erica is having twin boys!! holy amazing...they are such a wonderful family!
Congratulations to a fabulous vagina!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I think


yep, deserved a whole new post.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

All about me

Ok fabulous ladies, Its been a while and here is some pics and some news. I quit the bar and am very excited. My last night was a disaster and a huge fight broke out, we had to close early. I was an end indeed. I currently got a part time bank teller job and actually like it, for now that is.  Its a lot to remember and kinda crazy learning all the info and learning about peoples money is fun. The snow keeps coming in GJ. Its been white all winter. Been xc skiing a bit, a little bit of Orvis, some powder horn action, and a lot of early nights adjusting to my new schedule. Massage is good, not doing quite as many which is a nice break. Tony is wonderful, we are wonderful, he makes me so happy. Rowen is good. He almost died a couple of weeks ago, slipped on the ice and broke through to the river, he was hanging on to a tiny branch for dear life, i had to crawl out on 8 ft of ice and rescue him. It was a scary time for my cute doggie, but we all survived. I have some music shows upcoming, feb 16th and march 14 if anyone wants to come to gj and watch me play a little tunes. Im feeling more motivated lately and starting to work on some new songs. Well, i guess thats it for now. Peace . Oh I'm ready city of beasts, Isabel Allende, not her best but a good tale.  

Monday, February 04, 2008

BIG news!!!

No, I'm not getting married! (that's what my mom asked when I told her the big news)No, the big news is that this Vagalicious member is now an ER RN! THIS is why I became a nurse. I'm so excited I could poop myself and have one of you clean me up! I got the official offer on Friday and celebrated by skiing an all weekend fatty fat dump on Berthoud pass with Nate, Madge and Johnny.
I have 5 more shifts here on the ortho hell-hole then I'm taking a week off and start my new, PERMANENT job on the 25th.

I really can't believe how amazing the last 9 months have been...this move back home has been the most amazing change for me.
Madge and I are also officially looking for a home's a wonderful, thrilling, sometimes scary process but we both have the same goals and desires and want to do this together. She's so supportive, incredible, loving. oh...and sexy as shit!!

I love you girls!!!

It is feb. (i cant believe it) It is dumping outside for the 5th day in a row, i love it!! My confused mind messed up my schedule again and i went to work to find out i had my days mixed up!!! ( I HATE that...i really have to get myself straightened out) so now i am at the library trying to find a book (maybe even a book that you all are reading!!!) and what i found are all the great posts and comments from all of you!!! i love it.

starb.- sign me up....i have been wanting to move to Salida for a long time...lets do it!!!

tink-ani is that is something to look forward to in the land of rain and green green trees.

spidey- i just laugh imagining your girls weekend (what fun)

fanny-I am sure you are great charging (but i dont want to touch that duty!! I will stick to cleaning up other dootie.

beautiful princess-where are you?
Well whatever you all are doing i hope it is fabulous...i am off to loose myself in one of the books i hear so much about (maybe i will finally read a long walk!!!)
I love you...thanks for making me smile.
oh and i think we need to have a ski weekend at my house this place is crazy!!!
cheers wildliy