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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Surprise, nothing going on at work so I was able to finish Midwives. Wow, a very powerful story and the end actually surprised me. BUT during the actual reading of the book, I got a little over the prose...very wordy with long descriptions that my brain could actually conjur up with half the words. I also think he painted Sybil as a very one-sided, confident in her actions, hippie midwife. Only during the last chapter does he give her some complexity-doubt, fear, completely blowing up on the witness stand. It could've gone so much deeper.

What do you think Tinkerbell?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hello dear friends,
Here are some memories that I am holding on to so dearly from the last month of adventure. This was an amazing trip that leaves a lump in my throat when I think of it. I cant wait to do it with all of you. Thank you all for being yourselves, for being goofy, funky, creative, happy, healthy, beautiful woman that I get to learn from and live along side. Now let's start reading something dammit!!
Next for me on the list is In the Wild and I will happy post many things about Peace like a river. One of my favorite characters is in that book---anyone can guess who it is????
deadwood--here I come, thanks
ps----who invited that trailer trash, 80's, pregnant librarian pyscho!!!????????

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So...just in case you're wondering what to watch on Netflix this's better than anything you've ever seen...writing and acting-wise. And just to prove it...Brian is on it!!! she is in a picture she'd scream about...

Yeah...I got all gussied up for our little house warming party and Nate captured this...


Hi ladies....Just got off the Grand Canyon with Tinkerbell. yep...totally feel like connecting, talking, smiling, laughing and catching up with the ladies of Vagalicious...Tinky and I, of course, will soon be inviting new members to join our "book club"...Listening to Beth Orthton, drinking cosmos, and thinking of the past 21 days on the Colorado river and how I wish to do it with you all. these days are rare, experiences that change our lives are few and we must hold on dear to them. I love you all and appreciate you all in my life. that's what I wanted to much love in life...what a great time...we GET to do this stuff with such amazing people!!

I love you and will post some pics soon...mostly wanted to get this going again.
I'm reading Midwives right now and will soon start Peace Like a River.....
what are you reading?