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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ahh A day off...

My only goal for my day off is to finish the book I am currently reading- A Long Way Gone, Memoirs of a Boy Soldier. What a gut wrenching tale of a young boy who loses his family when his village in Sierra Leone is invaded. I can't read it at night because I get so tense and angry that people have to live through things like this. And then I have to debrief about it and wake Chad up, so to say the least I need to finish it. The author is coming to speak in Bozeman next month so hopefully I will be able to make it through his speech.

Tink- thanks for the heads up on the book. But I must say, after this I might have to re-enter the world of Harry Potter. I left off last fall on the Order of the Phoenix- so I have a couple more to go.

Hope you all are enjoying life. I am trying to recover after a girls weekend in Targhee. Lets just say, it takes time to recup from the adventures that 16 ladies can find while away from the nest. Ouch, and there are pics to remind us all of those bar dancing moments.

Cheers- Spidey

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Worst Member

Well, Hello all book club members. I am stuck in Harry Potter Land. On the 6th book now. Began today and I love it. But I still think the best book was #4. Maybe some day we will all be reading the same book, maybe... Tink the "food book" sounds great, our kind-a read. Keep making my book list longer, YEAAAA. Rodrigo Y Gabriela will be playing on V-Day, got tickets to surprise tony. Wonderful music if you haven't heard it. Tele has been supper bien. Great snow but of course we could use more. Wolf Creek got 3 ft, too bad the passes are closed. Off to pottery class, my creative release for the week. PS I Begin charge nursing tomorrow, mmmmm sink or swim. I think I will swim!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Ani and a good book

Hello ladies,
I have some recent news about our favorite singer, she is coming to Portland April 18th-a fri for a spectacular show just for me!!!!!!! What a great excuse to come and see your soggy friend for a mini vacation in the NW. How beautiful is she??!!!!!!

I have just finished reading the Omnivores Dilemma and it was spectacular. He follows meals from the ground and into our stomachs. Everyone should read it. I am totally thinking differently about what I put in my body and how the government makes the decisions for us. Great read.

Hope everyone is doing great, playing and having fun. We went x-c skiing 3 days in a row this past week. It was fabulous. Gotta run to my violin lesson. slightly painful but I am getting better.
Until next time

Friday, January 18, 2008

Yes its winter

Hello fabulous ladies! I realized that during these dark cold winter monthes all I really want to do at night is cozy up with a good book or watch a memorable movie. I'm almost half way thru Peace Like a River- wow! What a great one, the kids are just so sweet- I'm totally absorbed in the trek to find Davy. Anyone else reading it?? I also read Water For Elephants recently, that one also sucks you into to the drama behind the scenes of a travelling circus.

As for movies, I watched Water- a foreign film about widows in India. The main character is an 8 yr old widow- just imagine being a widow at 8! Enough said, I'm glad our laws/customs are different over here. My only warning is that it is subtitled.

It just keeps snowing up here in MT. So I am loving the powder. But I gotta say the best day so far was over in Utah at Powder Mtn- a very last minute trip that resulted in untracked powder all day long!! Yippie!!

But, if you're sick of winter remember that its the season for Salmon River permits. Go check them out- apps have to be in by the 31st of January. Maybe a little river reunion??? Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Face Shots!!!! It is dumping here...anyone want to come play, I have had a few days off to go skiing and the snow has been fantastic, Sunday our tracks would fill in by the time we skied back down...Free Refills!!! we also found a great place where mason can ski with us!!! a mecca here in the SLC!!! On book notes, i listened to into the wild on tape on a cold winter night in north Idaho and what you say is true Tinkerbell, it is a good story and i like adventures but not ones where i am going to die... aye yay yay, did anyone see the movie? i didnt but Brady (from GC shuttle/boat rental) said that some local flagstaff dude got a big sex scene!!! And spidey my friend commented on how slow eat pray love was (even though everyone here wants to read it as well) so i am going to take your word for it and miss that one!!
Well Happy Happy New Year to all of you fabulous Women... i rung in the new year by driving over tennessee pass at 10 miles an hour so i could get back home and go to work ( I 70 was closed! due to high winds) Yipee!! Love to you all Wild Lily