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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dear Tinkerbell

I'm sorry it's rainy and shitty where you live! If you were like me, you could go wherever the sun lives!!!
Much love,

Holy amazing ocean!!

Hi Ladies....just thought I'd send Tinkerbell some sunshine since, apparently, the 3 days of sun Oregon gets per year has already passed. I got to play in Huntington Beach last week while "helping" open a new yoga studio...damn hard work, I tell you!! I got to eat fresh seafood, raw food, run, bike, and surf in a beautiful town with a beautiful woman and really down to earth yogis...Amazing. I took two books, didn't read either one. BUT currently reading The Last Days of Dogtown by our lord and savior Anita Diamont.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I feel a huge wieght lifted off my shoulders because i just PASSED my CCRN (big scary test and i am so happy to be done with it). Now i want to read a great book because i have put all other books aside for the past month or so!!! (what are some good suggestions?) has anyone read the glass castle? i finally read the long walk...woaw it left me amazed everytime i put it down...what an amazing journey of survival, struggle, and the power of human will!!
The snow is still falling here although we have had a few very sunny days...of course i have been inside wiping butts for most of the nice days!!! 
Well happy spring...tink i think of you everytime a week passes and the count down continues!!!
i would also like to send out a woaw/yipee for erica and jerome (twin boys) what an amazing vagina!